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Turkish Trust and Security Shipping Company.




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Turkish Trust and Security Shipping Company.

  • 2000

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Though we started small, our Company has over the years became the fastest growing Dealers in Transporting, parcels delivery, cargos, shipments and more.

  • March 2011

    An Agency is Born

    At this time our company now successfully carries out any kind of land, sea and air transportation WORLDWIDE, including: Asia, Africa, Ilichevsk, Odessa,Middle east,Istanbul America continents . With the help of offices and business ties in different parts of the world, we can say that our company is providing services around the world, as well as our company to transport ships to War Zone Areas

  • December 2012

    Transition to Full Service

    It is like a Miracle, but it was. We have to say it though, candidly! if it was not for our employee who worked tirelessly to provide ``Turkish Trust and Security Shipping Company`` with full service packages, we could have not been talking about this miracle, By this time we were already expanding our sevice to air-line delivery

  • July 2014

    Phase Two Expansion

    Now We offer a wide array of express courier,Diplomatic and logistic support solutions to our various customers. With over 1000 highly skillful Proficient personnel, we have excellent competencies in striving sectors such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Government Agencies, and Oil & Gas/Utilities. As a diverse end-to-end logistics solutions provider, we offer a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace, with the final objective of safely and promptly delivering all our customers consignments as expected.!

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